Esports have a set of almost unspoken rules which all of the popular games follow. You definitely wouldn’t see a game like checkers or solitaire take the eSports world by storm. (not that checkers and solitaire aren’t fun games!) It’s just that when you look at professional eSports, you kind of realize that they all actually have a lot more in common than you thought. So, what is the magic formula that turns games into eSports conglomerates?


Taking a look at the most popular eSports games, we see that the most popular titles are usually either 1st person shooters like…

Velma (Age 6) Myself (Age 11)

When I was 4 years old, my parents brought home a miniature dachshund named Daphane. She was hands down the meanest little dog to ever walk the face of the planet but it didn’t matter because I was enamored by her stubby legs and thunderous bark.

Three years later, Daphane gave birth to a litter of five puppies. I remember the day they were born as I threw myself down the stairs out of my 1st grade classroom and joined my parents at the vet’s office.

As the puppies grew up, we gave them away to family and friends. We…

The everlasting feud between Esports and traditional sports has been a hot topic for decades. The first official video game competition on record happened at Stanford University on October 19th, 1972. Players participated in a space combat game called Spacewar, which was developed in 1962. The world of Esports has drastically changed over the past 50+ years. With the rising of Esports into the mainstream, some fans have been asking the question “Will Esports ever overtake physical sports?”. Honestly, that’s a pretty loaded question and the answer consists of many factors. So, let’s break down where Esports is now, where…

In a variety of industries across the workforce, women are making major strides and unfortunately often go unnoticed for it. Here are five women who have made their mark on the gaming industry!

Ann Hand

CEO — Super League Gaming

Founded in 2015, Super League gaming is an amateur esports league. First Super League specialized in Minecraft and has now branched out into League of Legends and Clash Royale as well. The company’s niche is all about connecting local gamers through city-based leagues. They execute these gaming events by utilizing a major partnership with Cinemark; which means that these gaming events are…

Over the past few decades, women have made a major impact in the workforce! Currently, 57% of professional occupations in the US are held by women. However, women make up a meager 25% of the tech workforce. That’s only 1 in 4 people! On top of that, the percentage of women in the tech industry has actually been getting smaller over the past few years. When the entire workforce is benefiting from a higher percentage of women in the workplace, the tech industry still doesn’t follow this model.

The Decline

Many of the world’s history books always include the same unfortunate detail….the lack of women written about. This is not to say that women haven’t been a part of some of the biggest historical events and innovations of past times. It’s just that no one ever took the time to write about them. In the era of inclusion, with more women flocking to STEM-related job fields than ever before, taking the time to remember the history of women in tech is vital to moving towards a more inclusive future. …

Founded in 2003, Tesla has long been a major player in innovation both in and out of the tech space. Rooted in the mission of technical advancement and pioneering clean energy, the company has worked hard over the past several years to bring electric vehicles to the mainstream. With Tesla continuing to grow daily, their stock heavily reflects this.

As Tesla stock tops a market cap of over $320 billion, the company shows no signs of slowing down. Against foreign markets, Tesla has continued to hold up well. …

A hand throwing a phone in the air.
A hand throwing a phone in the air.

Ask anyone 40 years ago what the future of the advertising industry may be like and they’d probably paint you a “Mad Men” -esque picture. It’s probably overstating the obvious to say that advertising has changed a lot over the last half a century.

Between government regulations and just plain ole’ pop culture, the advertising industry that once was…no longer exists. In fact, you’re probably holding the entire key to the industry in your hand right now.

The world of technology has jolted many industries back to life, advertising is no anomaly to this. …

Tik Tok Logo on a phone
Tik Tok Logo on a phone

With the recent Tik Tok uproar by the U.S government, the popular media sharing app is continuing to gain more traction than ever before. As of June 2020, the boasted over 800 million active users.

While this number is incredible on its own, what’s more interesting is the sheer amount of advertising that’s taking place on this platform. We’ve all seen ads across other social media. While Facebook still arguable remains the biggest playing field for social media advertising, Tik Tok is sweeping the industry as no other app has done before.

The lethal trio? Influencer advertising partnered with paid…

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